Cameron T. Moore

Cameron T. Moore

Just your friendly neighborhood Designer, Developer, Dancer, DJ, Podcast Host and an aspiring Polymath. I love Whisky, Red Vines and VSCO. Find out More>>

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  1. Weekly Links: The Catch Up

    building -

    What it do homies! Long time no chat. The past few months has been interesting as I’ve changed jobs (Hello BET!), got my laptop stolen (Hello new macbook pro!), and even took some time to redesign and clean up this blog (Hello Sass!). I still have a few mixes to complete, working through Treehouse’s Rails Development Track, and even a new “My Friends Are Fresh” to film.

    So just wanted to digitally checkin with myself and also drops some dope links I’ve been reading on my Pocket app and feeling lately. (I think this will happen every Weds going forward, just got to find a cool name.) Enjoy!

    - How To Grow Up – A really dope critique on how the modern “adult” acts these days. And why we need to change that. [link]
    - Live like a mighty river – A personal letter by Ted Hughes to his 24 year old son. [link]
    - Investment Manager Explains Why 99.5% Of Americans Can Never Win – Equal parts depressing and insightful. [link]
    - The 3 Percent Solution for Personal Development – Taking 3 percent of your pay to invest in yourself. Sounds easy since you probably spend that money on Starbucks coffee already [link]

    Photo credit: Little Visuals

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  2. NYC Dance Week 2014 Kick-off Party


    From NYC Dance Week

    Join us and other dance enthusiasts in kicking off our annual 10-day festival of free & discounted dance, fitness & wellness classes.

    We are proud to announce that M1-5 Lounge is donating part of their bar proceeds to us, so please drink as much as you can!

    The party is free but VIP tickets are available which include appetizers, a drink, VIP seating, and goodie bag.

    Beats will be provided by: ME! Dj Cam and Tim Grae. We gonna have some fun tonight!

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  3. DJ Cam – Ties & Tini’s 2



    After spinning a lot of Top 40 parties, Tim Grae and I wanted an excuse to wear bow ties and spin an eclectic array of music. Motown, acid jazz, breaks, broken beat, bossa nova, or whatever we could pull out of our arsenal. Thus was born “Ties & Tini’s”, a fun concept party where folks dress fancy, sip great drinks and listen to cool music. I present to you a nice healthy gumbo mix of fun music. Enjoy!

    Ties & Tini’s 2 by Heydjcam on Mixcloud

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  4. Bedbush Hills Harlem May 24th – 30th


    We are back showing in Harlem! The fellas and I bring our Bedbush Hills show to Harlem for a  week long engagement. We have our reception TONIGHT. Info and Galler hours below:

    The opening reception is this Saturday, May 24, 8-11pm at Black River Studio, 345 Lenox Ave, running through May 30th
    Gallery Hours:
    Sun 25th: 2pm – 7pm
    Mon 26th: 10am-5pm
    Tues 27th: 10am – 7pm
    Wed 28th: 10am – 6pm
    Thurs 29th: 1pm – 6pm
    Fri 30th: 10am – 5pm

    Closing Reception: Friday 30th – Ties n Tini’s event 8pm – 12am
    Directions: 2, 3 Train to 125th. One block from the train station.

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  5. DJ Cam – Janet Loves DJ Cam


    Oh Janet, how we love thee. From the upbeat danceable jams to the sultry and sexy slow jams to the ever present song Bridges that NO ONE does anymore. The Dance Music I miss, you know? This isn’t a “Best of” Janet mix but more a “Songs of Janet that I like a lot” kind of mix. Hopefully, you are dancing in you seat and enjoying the day! and on iTunes Search “DJ Cam – Geekchic DJ”

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  6. So, I went on Vacation


    Hey party people! I know, I know, I’ve been away and haven’t caught up. Horrible, I know but I took a little hiatus for social media and stuff. Went out to LA, Long Beach, and Palm Springs for my first vacation in probably 2 years! It was primarily for Coachella but also to get a little away time from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Recharge the batteries and then hit the ground running again. Below are some flicks from that trip. Taken with my new HTC One M8 which I LOVE. The phone is super fast but the camera is what has really made a difference. I posted these over at VSCO and Instagram but reposting isn’t a bad thing. Enjoy! (more…)

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  7. I am really digging VSCOcam

    Sidecar - Brooklyn

    I had a iPhone 3GS and Instagram was the one app I missed when I switched to Droid. Eventually, it came to droid but by that time I had switch back to iPhone (reluctantly). I enjoy instagram but I recently did a nice purge of people I follow: no kids, no pets, no food, no memes, and no ODing on selfie’s. I also cut a lot of the “hot, big booty chicks” as well (ok I kept 2). What I replaced them with was photographers and illustrators. Kept the close friends but really wanted to keep the feed one of inspiration and not fluff. What I did notice was a lot of photographer were using VSCOcam and their work had a certain photo-like quality I was digggin’. So, I’ve hopped on the #vscocam train and I really like it. You can find my flicks at and I’ll post a few here, like the above taken in Brooklyn and a really good place called, Sidecar.


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