Cameron T. Moore

Cameron T. Moore

Just your friendly neighborhood Designer, Developer, Dancer, DJ, Podcast Host and an aspiring Polymath. I love Whisky, Red Vines and VSCO. Find out More>>

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  1. My European Holiday



    I am back! Well, back on my “get my ass up and go travel” tip. Not sure why I took a 3 year hiatus from international traveling. I think it was more laziness and lack of care. I enjoy traveling, see new things, catchin’ up w/ old friends and meeting new ones. I journeyed to London, Munich, and Barcelona. The later two were first time trips. But enough talking! Check the pics on my VSCO here.

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  2. HELLA DOPE w/ DJ Xpect & DJ Cam

     HELLA DOPE w/ DJ Xpect & DJ Cam

    A night of R&B music from the 80s, 90s, and 00s with a dash of Hip Hop and House ALL NIGHT. 

    Your musical selectors will be DJ Xpect and DJ Cam aka Cameron T. Moore (opening set DJ Tim Grae) for the evening. Bring your dancing shoes and good attitudes we will provide the soundtrack. 100% RATCHET FREE! We rockin’ 7 PM till late!

    Happy Hour till 9pm: HALF OFF the bar with drink specials after.



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  3. Design: Branding Prince Azeez


    Hey there folks! A lot has been happening of late for me. Been working hard at my new job at BET Networks. Cranking out new mixes and guest DJ appearances and even a little bit of dancing. I have also been taking a few freelance gigs like the one above for DJ Prince Azeez. Rebranded his identity for a little more crossover appeal into other markets. Above is a mock of said branding on a tee. Theres a lot more design work to share!

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  4. The Table of Truth – Ferguson – Two Americas


    Sometimes current events hit home like the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri. Cam, Pope, and Duane discuss the slaying of Mike Brown, the civil unrest that followed and just what really is the value of Black Life in america. We also have special commentary from Ant, who couldn’t make the show.

    Listen here for the full show.

    Below are links we cited in this episode:

    1. Momentum builds against police presence in Ferguson [link]
    2. When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims [link]
    3. 11 Things White People Should Stop Saying to Black People Immediately [link]
    4. America Is Not For Black People [link]
    5. The New Racism This is how the civil rights movement ends [link]
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